Sunday, July 3, 2022

Monsters, Inc - CELIA!

Disney Pixar 7" Featured Favorites - Mike Wazowski & Celia - Mattel 2022

This 7" Pixar line from Mattel is unexpectedly awesome. I say unexpectedly because I don't typically buy figures from genres that aren't superhero or sci-fi. Sure, I've seen and enjoyed every Pixar movie so far, but I can honestly say I've never finished a film saying "oh man I need action figures of these characters." But when this line started hitting the shelves last year I was really intrigued at the quality and scale of the figures. Especially at the price point of roughly 10 dollars per figure (so 20 for this 2-pack). The first one I bought was Merida from Brave, followed by a few Incredibles. Then I realized they paired well with my Toy Story 4 Bo Peep figure. I didn't know how many others I would buy, but then I saw this amazing Celia figure from Monsters, Inc. I love odd characters with alien-like features, and her cyclops eye, medusa hair, and octopus legs always thrilled me. Even in this Pixar-specific line, she is not a character I ever expected to see, but I'm ecstatic that she was. Let's check out Celia below!

Celia is articulated at the neck, shoulders, and "elbows." 
Plus she has bendy tentacle legs that seem to be threaded with wire.

She comes with a tray of sushi (I think it's sushi at least) and a teapot.

The snake detail of her hair is amazing. The little faces are so expressive. I never noticed this in the movie.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Pixar figures so far: Violet, Merida, Celia, Bo Peep, and Elasti-Girl.

And here is Celia with her pack-mate, Mike.


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  1. Love the movies. This is a good looking figure. Fun character in the movie as well.