Thursday, July 28, 2022

Super7 ReAction - PINK RANGER!

ReAction Action Figures - Power Rangers Wave 2 - Pink Ranger - Super7 2021

I remember being an adult toy collector and being very resistant to the Power Rangers franchise. I was in high school when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first hit the US. I was plenty nerdy at the time, I watched Robotech and Birdman every morning before school, I read comics fiendishly, and every Friday I would watch Are You Afraid of the Dark? with my friends. But for some reason I just never got into MMPR. As I got older and my peers would lump the show in with other (1980s) nostalgic properties I would get irrationally angry about it. But when Bandai started to reintroduce MMPR characters to the toy shelves decades later, I started to dabble. A lot of this was because the female Ranger toys finally had distinct female bodies. Plus I had become obsessed with Japanese pop culture in my post-college years. Either way, I'm a big fan now and I have more Power Rangers toys than ThunderCats and TMNT combined. Let's check out my newest Pink Ranger ReAction figure below!

ReAction figures all have a standard 5 points of articulation. 
I like the way they articulate the skirted legs with a simple break.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three  MMPR ReAction ladies together: Scorpina, Pink Ranger, and Rita Repulsa
I'll be getting Yellow Ranger soon.


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