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Toy Biz - PENANCE!

Marvel Comics - Generation X Series 01 - Penance - Toy Biz 1995

This blog often causes me to dissect what I like and dislike about certain characters. Because of this introspection, I can lump the majority of my favorite characters into one or two categories. But my very favorite category is one I rarely discuss, because characters that fit the description are rarely merchandised. It's also hard to describe succinctly. But here is an awkward attempt: I love a mysterious character, often noncommunicative, who is at first feared, has an otherworldly appearance, but who other characters quickly find themselves being protective of. Like a secret friend no one else could possibly understand. E.T. is a universal example. But I like them ever more when they are more human-like (my absolute favorite example being Skarrow from the Courtney Crumrin comics). A powerful example of this type of character is Penance from the the first few story arcs in 2004's Generation X comic. Later writers completely changed her backstory, but for a while she was my favorite thing in comics.

I always viewed Generation X (1994) as the spiritual successor to The New Mutants (my favorite superhero book of all time). It dealt with a new generation of young mutants being taught by Emma Frost and Banshee. Aside from Jubilee, all the characters were new. But some had a legacy, like Husk who was one of Cannonball's many siblings. Penance was a mysterious character with razor sharp claws who the team encountered in the first story arc. She had been enslaved by the big bad guy of the series (Emplate) but was now free. I found her fascinating. And although she didn't talk, I wanted her in every panel. She's one of those rare characters who I feel got less interesting as her story progressed, but that initial obsession of mine still holds strong.

The proportions of this 1995 Toy Biz figure are pretty wacky. Although Penance visually looks non-human, she always had a fairly typical human build. For a reference to the bizarre anatomical exaggerations of this line, just check out Jubilee on the cardback - she looks like her arms would reach her shins.

Penance comes with a figure stand and four leg and arm shackles.

Each pair of shackles can snap together at the connectors.

And by pressing the lever on her back, her arms will flail and break the bonds.

Out of curiosity, I digitally shrunk her arms about 20-30%. 
It still has that Toy Biz exaggerated proportions, but I think she looks better and less monstrous.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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  1. First of all, I love that you love The New Mutants. They are my favorite team ever. And I would love an Amara finally. I think this Gen X series of figures is underrated