Saturday, September 24, 2022

Transfomers - ELITA-1!

Transformers Legacy - Deluxe Class - Elita-1 - TakaraTomy/Hasbro 2022

Female Transformers are going through a bit of a second renaissance right now. From 2015-2021 there were a ton of well-made female Transformers toys for the first time ever (I personally purchased over 60 new Transformers in this time span, not including the novelty toys and 3rd Party figures). But with the release of the Legacy Arcee this last Spring, there seems to be a shift in design aesthetic and construction. The new figures are more blocky and robotic than the organic feminine figures we had been seeing. The plastic also seems to be of a different material - thinner and more shiny. At first I was hesitant of the changes, but I'm quickly warming up. So far I have four figures: Arcee, Road Rocket, Override, and Elita One. And there are a lot more coming: Crasher, Nightbird, Shadow Striker, plus Twitch and Elita-1 (Earthspark). The only aspect of these new figures that I still struggle with is the mass of their lower legs because my brain associates the silhouette with bellbottoms or boot-cut jeans. But it's a small gripe.

Elita come with two translucent guns and a small "crown of her head" piece that can fit on her lower back and acts as the antennas on the dome of her vehicle mode.

Her two guns can join together to form a bigger gun as well.

Whenever I post about one of the original Search for Alpha Trion characters, I feel compelled to post this image of the unfortunately cancelled fembot storyline from the Dreamwave Comics series.  
I would have been all over this.

Since we've been getting so much Orion Pax merch in the past few years, perhaps we can get an Ariel figure as well. In the flashback episode War Dawn, a young Optimus Prime and Elita One were introduced as Orion Pax and Ariel.

The guns can be mounted on the car in a variety of ways.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Elita-1 with two recent fembots, Road Rocket and Arcee.

Here are all my Elita-1 figures together. From Left to Right: 2008 BBTS/DST Bust, Iron Factory Alleria, MMC Eupatorium, Legacy, Power of the Primes, and War For Cybertron.



  1. Don't forget Minerva! She'll be a repaint of this mold. She'll also be the first transforming Minerva we'll get since the original headmaster I think.

    1. Oh right! I KNEW i was forgetting another upcoming figure. I think since her release is still a mystery (Walgreens I assume), she didn't come up when I searched for upcoming waves.