Sunday, November 13, 2022

Nintendo - TOADETTE!

World of Nintendo 2.5" Figures Wave 37 - Toadette - Jakks Pacific 2022

Toadette is one of those characters that I am obsessed with for no reason other than her cute design. She first appeared in 2003's Mario Kart: Double Dash as Toad's sister, or friend, or sweetheart (it's been unclear) and went on to appear in at least nine other games since (mostly in the Mario Party and Mario Kart series) as both playable and non-playable characters. Unfortunately I am horrendously unskilled at those games and hate playing them. Give me a traditional side-scroller any day. But Toadette was created and thrives in those genres. Toad was the token cute character from the Mario Bros franchise, so it makes sense that his design would be co-opted for other characters - most predictably a female version. And I appreciate that the "female" design elements aren't big eyelashes or an hourglass silhouette, but rather these wonderfully nonsensical orb-pigtails. She's grown to become quite a visually iconic member of the Mario franchise and it's exciting that she finally got a toy in the Jakks line.

Toadette is articulated at the shoulders. She is also articulated at the base of her pigtails. I don't know if it's intentional articulation or just a fragment of the product assembly, but the pigtails can be rotated slightly from a more backward-oriented position to a more fanned-out position.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Toadette with her 2007 Banpresto version.

And here is the main roster of 2.5" Mario Ladies so far. This is also the same assortment of a 5-Pack currently showing up at GameStop. From Left to Right: Rosalina, Princess Peach, Toadette, Princess Daisy, and Wendy O Koopa. I always forget to include the 8-Bit Princess Toadstool in these photos.


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