Friday, December 9, 2022

Power Ranger - S.P.D. A-SQUAD PINK & RED!

Power Rangers Lightning Collection - S.P.D. A-Squad Red & Pink - Hasbro 2021

Power Rangers S.P.D. is probably my least favorite of the Power Rangers franchises. It stands for Space Police Delta and is probably the most militant of all the Super Sentai iterations and seems more like a Sci-Fi series than Sentai. But the real reason I didn't like it was because it was missing the interesting design theme like dinosaurs, wild animals, mythological creatures, etc. Instead the S.P.D. Rangers were differentiated simply by color and a number on their torso. However, the toys of these characters always appeal to me. They have a certain tactical detail that stands out among my other Ranger toys. The two figures in this post area identical sculpts with different paint jobs. The A-Squad was a team of Rangers that vanished without a trace and paved the way for the B-Squad to be promoted to active duty and be the focus of the series. But I always like the darker palette's of the A-Squad costumes. The Red figure was a Fan-Channel exclusive and the Pink figure was exclusive to Gamestop.

Time for some Group and Comparison Groups!

Here is a group of my recent Lightning Collection Rangers. From Left to Right: Dino Charge Pink, S.P.D. A-Squad Red, S.P.D. A-Squad Pink, and Ninja Pink Ranger.


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