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G.I.Joe - 50th Anniversary "Special Forces" 3-Pack - Jodie Craig - Hasbro 2016

I've had this figure in my collection since she was first released back in 2016, but only opened her recently. She marks a sad phase in my collecting hobby because she was the last female 1:12 G.I.Joe I ever bought at retail. I say "sad" because G.I.Joe is what got me started collecting. I owned a vintage Baroness that I had convinced my older sister's boyfriend to sell me in the early 90s. Then flash forward to my post-college years living in my first adult apartment, and I pulled out this Baroness and suddenly realized I could go on eBay and easily get Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Cover Girl, and all the others. It was a simple revelation that has seriously brought so much joy to my life. But around the time this Jodie Craig figure hit the shelves, I was becoming very disenchanted with the numerous convention and FSS exclusives that instantly sold for hundreds of dollars. Even this figure, that was quite a shelfwarmer at TRU, now sells for a 100 bucks. It's a competitive market out there. Let's check out Jodie below!

Jodie has a super simple deco of a stealthy black outfit. She looks great, but this is the reason why I was uninspired to open her earlier. Even with a militaristic brand like G.I.Joe, I have expectations of outlandish colors and unrealistic styles, but the gritty style seems to be a popular trend.

Jodie comes with a figure stand, a torso harness/holster, and handgun, a knife, and a case with all the components of her sniper rifle.

Here is her sniper rifle assembled.

She can't really hold the rifle nor lie prone to fire it. Rather, I think it's meant to be set up on a diorama ledge or windowsill.

The 3-pack came with multiple filecards for each character in different languages. I accidentally photographed the Italian one.

Here is the text in English:
Pulling the trigger is the next to last thing JODIE "SHOOTER" CRAIG does as an expert marksman. First, she might take days to move into a shooting position, progressing by inches. Then she remains motionless in the hide, waiting for the target to appear. Once the target is acquired, she uses hard-won skills and esoteric knowledge to judge wind deflection and bullet drop before exercising precise breathing control prior to trigger break. The last thing she does is the hardest - getting away.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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