Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Lightyear 5" - ALISHA HAWTHORNE!

Lightyear - Deluxe 5" Series 2-Pack - Hostile Planet Pack - Mattel 2022

Yet another Lightyear toy product that only showed up at Kohl's. When I first learned of this figure set I didn't know much about the movie yet and didn't realize Izzy and her Grandmother Alisha were different characters. All I knew is that I was obsessed with this woman in the Star Command suit (and in some promotional material she was just referred to as Commander or Cadet Hawthorne, further confusing me). But by the time I learned more and finally saw the movie, my favorite part was the Grandmother/Granddaughter generational dynamic between the two female leads. Of course they don't share any scenes, but their individual relationships with the time-skipping Buzz are the heart of the movie. This two-pack features their struggles on the wild planet of T'Kani Prime where they are constantly attacked by living vines and aggressive insects (and subsequently stranded). I love when an antagonist in a film or show is unbridled nature so I really appreciate getting these accessories. Let's check out Alisha below!

The two-pack comes with Helmets for Buzz and Alisha, as well as a blaster gun and a blade.

Alisha was also released in a single pack. I never personally saw this in stores. 
But in researching this post, I noticed she's in stock on Amazon.

I noticed a prototype of a second 5" Alisha figure in her Star Command outfit with the earpiece.
I don't believe this was ever produced.

Here are the contents of the two pack: Buzz and Alisha with helmets and weapons, 
bendable vines, and an unarticulated T'Kani Prime insect.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a Alisha with her Granddaughter Izzy.

And with Darby in her Space Ranger suit. I love these three in costume.

Here are the three figures of Alisha in the Space Ranger costume: Imaginext, 5" Series, and 12" Series.

And here are all the Alisha Hawthorne figures I own together. From Left to Right: Hyperspeed, Imaginext, 5" Series6" Alpha Class, and 12" Series.


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