Thursday, May 25, 2023

X-Men: The Animated Series - MYSTIQUE!

Marvel Legends - X-Men the Animated Series (VHS) - Mystique - Hasbro 2022

My favorite figure in the recent Marvel Legends X-Men the Animated Series VHS line is easily this Mystique release. Raven Darkholme is a amazing character in almost every iteration, but my favorite has always been the classic white sleeveless gown with the skull motif. Considering that we got a fantastic Walgreens-exclusive figure in this outfit just a few year ago, I never expected another one. And frankly, I'm surprised at how a simple repaint and a new hairpiece made such a unique variation that gives such a different vibe than the first version. Most of the Marvel Legends VHS figures I've seen so far seem to focus on the cel-shading as their primary distinction from their original releases, but Mystique got a major makeover, and I couldn't be happier. I know the line appears to be over (with focus shifted to Spider-Man), but I would be shocked if they didn't find a way to release Rogue. And hopefully she'll have the same makeover that her Mom got. Fingers crossed. Let's check out Mystique below!

Here are all my VHS boxes so far. Unfortunately they are slightly larger than an actual VHS cassette, but they look awesome on my movie shelf anyway.

Mystique comes with a pair of alternate hands, two guns, and most amazingly, a swaddled baby Nightcrawler from the Season 4 Episode Bloodlines.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Animated Mystique with the 2019 Walgreens Exclusive Mystique.

And here are the four X-Men the Animated Series VHS ladies together: Jean GreyMystiqueJubilee, and Storm.


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