Saturday, July 15, 2023

ThunderCats Ultimates - CHEETARA!

ThunderCats Ultimates - Series 6 - Cheetara (Toy Colors) - Super7 2023

Super7 is quickly becoming my favorite toy company. While no figure from any company is ever 100% perfect, the character selection and commitment to vintage aesthetic by Super7 thrills me more than anything else on the market today. The recent arrival of the first few Silverhawks figures followed by the announcement of TigerSharks in the future just makes me giddy. Then the surprise release of a vintage toy color variant line for their amazing ThunderCats Ultimates figures simply makes my head explode. The first Cheetara released in the Ultimates line from 2022 featured her cartoon design. I thought this figure was near perfection and it didn't even cross my mind to desire a toy design variant. (Interestingly, I never even noticed how stark the deisgn contrast was until Super7 released their ReAction variants were released in 2021). But when I saw the Ultimates variant solicited, complete with newly sculpted heads based on the 1986 LJN figure, I was instantly in love. Let's check out Cheetara below!

A few photography notes: This figure was extremely hard to photograph. The pale yellow tones of her skin combined with the golden yellow of her hair, the deep orangey-red of her jumpsuit, and the pale orange of her tights made my camera photograph her as a yellow blur. I'm no photography expert by any means, but displaying the subtle contrasts of her colors seems near impossible. I took over 400 photos and spent many hours tweaking color balances to assemble the 25 photos in this post (and I'm still not satisfied with them - she looks so much cooler in person). This is just a good example of my nerdy tenacity and my love of Cheetara. My apologies.

Cheetara comes with two heads, three sets of hands, and her staff.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Cheetara with her vintage 1986 toy from LJN.

And here is Cheetara with her ThunderCats Ultimates Cartoon Colors figure from last year.

And here are the three "Toy Color" Ultimates figures I have picked up so far: Cheetara, Mumm-Ra, and Lion-O.


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