Thursday, August 3, 2023

Quantumania - WASP!

Marvel Legends - Wasp (Ant-Man & Wasp Quantumania) - Hasbro 2023

Sometimes I think I'm the only collector in the world who doesn't like metallic paint decos on my toys. Sure, in cases like Silverhawks or or Silver Surfer, it makes sense. But for the average superhero toy, I much prefer bold non-metallic colors. This Wasp figure is a great example. With MCU movie characters, I'm a bit selective. I don't need every iteration of Black Widows' costume in my collection. And honestly, Wasp's costume isn't a groundbreaking redesign in Quantumania. Yes, the helmet is sleeker and her torso patterns are more hornet-like, but the big change for me is that her coloring went from Gold and Red to bright Yellow and Blue. I love the change and now she pops so much more in my MCU display. Her overall look is suddenly more insectile too. The metallic deco and bulkier helmet on the last figure gave a distinct robotic/mechanical vibe (and was a little less threatening because of that). While this new design is like a warning that you are about to be stung. Let's check out Wasp below.

Wasp comes with a helmeted head, an unhelmeted head, two set of hands, and two back-mounted wing apparatuses - one with wings extended and one with them folded in.

Wasp also comes with the Right Leg Build-a-Figure piece of Cassie Lang.

I really appreciate her sculpted face under the visor. I feel like similar figures in other lines would cheap out on this detail.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Hope and Cassie together. I hope someday they give us an MCU Janet in the flashback red costume.

And here is Wasp with her 2023 Titan Hero Series figure. I didn't give this figure it's own post because it is just a simple repaint of the 2018 Titan Hero Series figure.


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  1. Does her unmasked head fit on the previous MCU Wasp & vice versa?