Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Transformers - SHADOW STRIKER!

Transformers Legacy Evolution - Shadow Striker (Deluxe) - Hasbro 2023

Sometimes it seems nothing is cooler than a villainous female Transformer. Modern Transformers fans are faced with an abundance of female characters. So many that it makes the history of gender arguments within the fanbase seem even more ludicrous than it did back then. But still the majority of toys we see are pastel heroes - often ultra-feminized to counterbalance the blocky robotic aesthetic. But where the heroes tend to be pink and feminine, the villains are conversely sinister and purple. Shadow Striker was a character I was unaware of until 2019's Transformers: Cyberverse show which gave us two toys of her (as well as multiple toys of Slipstream and Windblade). I assumed Shadow Striker was a new character for the show (and she kind of was), but I just learned that she was based on a 2003 exclusive retool figure sharing her same name (but looking vastly different). This new figure blends details of the two figures and finally bridges the design gap. Let's check out Shadow Striker below!

From the back I think she looks like an Eastern Click Beetle.
I'm an insect nerd so this makes me happy.

Shadow Striker comes with three "accessories." Two of which are repurposed loose kibble.

As an homage to the 2003 OTFCC Exclusive Shadow Striker, this figure uses the roof and windows of the car as a shield, and then has the rear bumper/fender attached to the front of a short gun.

And here is the 2003 Convention Exclusive Shadow Striker. You can see that most of the new figure's body elements are a direct homage to this figure. But the coloring and headsculpt are clearly representative of the Cyberverse animated design above.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my three Shadow Striker figures together.
From Left to Right: Cyberverse Scout Class, Cyberverse Ultra Class, and Legacy Evolution Deluxe.


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