Sunday, October 8, 2023

LooseCollector - VAMPIRELLA!

Vampirella -  1:12 Scale Action Figure - Executive Replicas LooseCollector 2023

I'm loving the character selection that LooseCollector has been producing. There are a lot of female comic and animation characters that are hypersexualized and not lumped into any large licensing group. Big toy companies won't bother with these ladies. Rather, they secure license deals that include hundreds of characters (not just one or two) and they have to stay pretty tame in order to market to big box stores and conservative audiences. This has left a whole genre of characters virtually unmerchandised for the collecting community. Vampirella is a prime example. Originally designed by Eisner-Award-Winning Trina Robbins in 1969, Vampirella has been oozing sexuality and dark vengeance for over five decades. But you would never see this costume in the Walmart toy aisles. But thankfully LooseCollector is on the case and is giving us great figures that blend in nicely with our 1:12 figures collections. (And I'll wish for it again, give us an Aeon Flux please!). Let's check out Vampirella below!

Vampirella comes with two heads, three sets of hands, two daggers, and a bat that fits on her finger.

Vampirella's cape is also removable.

I love the Jae Lee covers from the recent Dark Powers series.

There is a variant figure wearing a black suit exclusive to BigBadToyStore

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Vampirella with the recent Red Sonja, also from LooseCollector.

And here is Vampirella with her 2000 figure from Moore Collectibles.


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  1. I have a couple of LooseCollector figures on preorder. May have to get these In Stock ones as well. They look great!