Tuesday, October 31, 2023

World of Springfield - VAMPIREDNA!

Simpsons: World of Springfield - TRU Bongo Comics 3-Pack - Playmates 2002

Happy Halloween! I've wanted to purchase and review this figure for many years. I first saw this Edna Krabappel as Vampiredna at a vintage toy shop about a decade ago, but the shop owner wanted a ridiculous price for her. (Flash forward to 2023 and you can get her on eBay for ten bucks). The Simpsons were a major staple of my childhood and young adulthood. But the World of Springfield action figure line from Playmates, as beautiful and perfect as it was, was completely overwhelming for me. I steered clear. But one sub-genre I always thought about collecting was the Treehouse of Horror figures themed on the annual Simpsons Halloween episodes. The character designs from these episodes are always zany and fun. So when I saw this Edna figure, I knew she would be my first WOS purchase. But I actually didn't recognize her. It turns out she is from a 1993 issue of Bartman by Bongo Comics (which has seemingly been collected and reprinted several times). It's a shame she never appeared on the show.

Edna as Vampiredna came in the Toys R Us exclusive 3-Pack featuring two other character variants from Bongo Comics: Homer as the Ingestible Bulk, and Apu as Captain Gwik.

Edna's name and costume are an homage to Vampirella.

Edna is only articulated at the waist, neck, and shoulders.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Happy Halloween!

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