Sunday, November 5, 2023

Marvel Legends - CLEA!

Marvel Knights Legends - Mindless Ones Build-a-Figure - Clea - Hasbro 2023

About twenty years ago I saw a sketch by Arthur Adams (my favorite comic artist) of a character I had never seen before. She had bizarre antenna-like curls of hair, an outlandish collarpiece, and leggings with an overlapping circle pattern. I was intrigued, but completely clueless. The image was black and white, so I didn't know her clothes were purple or her hair was white (which would have been helpful clues in my search). But as it was, I didn't discover her name until a few years later when she appeared in New Avengers: Illuminati in 2006. Then I was off to the races. I never read much Doctor Strange so it made sense that I never knew her. But I quickly read all about her and became a fan. She was introduced back in 1964 and has been a consistent supporting character ever since (even though she didn't have a name for two years). But I've enjoyed seeing her prominence grow, culminating in her becoming the Sorcerer Supreme in 2021's Strange. This figure is unexpected, but absolutely gorgeous.

Clea has my favorite facesculpt of any Marvel Legends figure so far.

Clea comes with two sets of hands and two translucent purple power effects.

This is an inked and colored cover sporting the first image I ever saw of Clea, published more than ten years later.
I love how tons of Arthur Adams drawings from conventions unexpectedly show up as covers.

Clea also comes with the Right Arm (and extra fisted hand) for the Build-a-Figure Mindless One.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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