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Power Ranger Lightning Collection - Alien Rangers of Aquitar Box - Hasbro 2023

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers was the second series in the US Power Rangers Franchise, beginning right after the 3rd season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1996 (although the footage was from the 18th Japanese Super Sentai series). The team is known as the Alien Rangers of Aquitar (notably the first team and only series to not use the word "Power" in the official title). The Alien Rangers are from the planet Aquitar and are summoned to Earth to help when the original MMPR team is rendered unable to morph and fight. The Alien Rangers series is only 10 episodes and acts as a transition between MMPR and Power Ranger Zeo. The White Alien Ranger of Aquitar, Delphine, is the leader of the team. She is notably the only full-time female leader of a Ranger team. Other female characters have become temporary leaders, or end-of-season promotions to the role, but Delphine was the leader from the start. I'm really glad she made it into the Lightning Collection. Let's check out Delphine below!

This figure was included in a 5-figure box set exclusive to Amazon. 
I picked up Delphine loose on eBay so included above are all the official packaging and solicit pics.

Delphine comes with two sets of hands, a dagger, a blaster, a sword, scabbard, and energy effect for the sword.

Delphine also pilots the White Battle Borg, which is my favorite Zord in the entire franchise.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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  1. Sexy fig, but I think they missed a big step in not including her alien head. They did it for Doggy Kruger's anthro head, buuut...