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Transformers Earthspark - MO MALTO!

Transformers Earthspark - Cyber-Combiner - Mo Malto in Cyber Suit - Hasbro 2023

Transformers: Earthspark is the current all-ages Transformers show airing on Paramount+. The show features two young Earth siblings, Mo and Robby Malto, who discover unformed Terran Transformers that eventually choose vehicle (or beast) mode and kind of imprint on the Malto children. It's a pretty fun show with great interpretations of classic characters and a handful of really inventive originals. There were recently two "Cyber-Combiner" toy sets that feature one of the Malto kids in a Cyber-Suit paired with a Transformer (Mo & Bumblebee and Robby & Twitch). These figures can be joined together in a variety of combinations to create "mini-combiners." As far as I can tell this scenario has not appeared in the show yet, but there is a Season Two coming so perhaps we'll get some reference soon. It's pretty rare to get action figures of the human characters in Transformers, but this is a fun and inventive way to get them on the shelves in a marketable way. Let's check out Mo Malto in her Cyber-Suit below!

Mo comes with a sword accessory.

Here is Mo Malto with her pack-mate, Bumblebee.

The figures can be combined and the roles of the upper or lower portions of that form can be swapped.
My photo showing Bumblebee as the head and arms didn't come out so I grabbed a screenshot from the official solicit video.

I think it's fun that each character has a unique combiner head hidden in their torso.

The Mo face under the visor is done really well.

And here is Mo with Twitch from the other Cyber Combiner pack.

I like the idea of the two female figures making their own combiner (plus I wanted to make sure figures from different packs could still connect - they can). Here are the combination variations for these two:

These sets remind me of the Exo-Suits that Spike and Daniel would wear in the original cartoon.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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