Wednesday, April 10, 2024

DreamWorks Dragons - ALEX (and FEATHERS)!

DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms - Alex & Feathers - Spin Master 2021

DreamWorks Dragons: The Nine Realms is the most recent entry in the long legacy of the How To Train Your Dragon (2010) franchise. It's a CGI-animated television series that ran for eight seasons and 52 episodes (ending recently in December of 2023). The series follows five young Dragon Riders in modern times (the leader of the group, Tom, is a descendant of Hiccup and Astrid) roughly 1300 years after the events of the first movie. Alexandra "Alex" Gonzales is one of the core characters and is the token technology expert and hacker. I have owned this toy for about three years now but just got around to opening her now. I was surprised to read more about the character and learn that she was Hispanic. The blonde pigtails led me to assume she was another Nordic viking like Astrid, but I'm glad the new series branched out into a wide diverse world. As far as I know these toys never really hit mass retail but were readily available online (and still are). Let's check out Alex and Feathers below!

Alex has five simple points of articulation. It's not the best for posing, but the v-cut hips let her saddle-up on Feathers.

And here is her Dragon, Feathers. Feathers is a female Featherhide Dragon with the ability to camouflage herself, release a sonic scream, and sound mimicry (amongst other skills). This figure is articulated at the neck, legs, tail, wings, and jaw. There is an action feature where her neck swings side-to-side and her jaw opens and closes when her tail is moved side-to-side.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the two female figures from this line so far: Jun and Alex.

And with Astrid and Ruffnut from the 2019-2020 The Hidden World line.


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