Thursday, April 18, 2024


DC Multiverse - Batman: Three Jokers - Batgirl (Jokerized) - McFarlane 2024

McFarlane has been putting out repaint variations of their DC line since the very beginning of their license. Back then I wasn't a fan, as they were mostly slate gray "prototype" figures (that looked pretty boring displayed on a shelf IMO). But more recently they got into more in-canon repaints which added a fun new level (or obsession) for collectors. But an interesting new twist is their "Jokerized" line where popular characters across multiple themes (comic, movie, etc) are repainted in a classic purple, green, and yellow Joker palette. As far as I know, these aren't in-canon at all and are just a fun thematic variation. This Batgirl is the third release of the Three Jokers mold, which is a personal favorite that I'm happy to see released again. My favorite thing about this figure is that I'm not acknowledging her as Batgirl at all, but rather Duela Dent in a Batgirl disguise. She has masqueraded as a ton of other costumed characters over the years, so why not? Let's check out Jokerized Batgirl below!

Batgirl comes with a figure stand, a collector's card, a batarang, and a grappling hook.

She also comes with a decorative DC pedestal that can hold the Collector's Card.

She also comes with four cards for the Jokerized card deck. Apparently, each Jokerized figure will come with some of the cards. I think this is very cool surprise collector's bonus.

Here are a bunch of incarnations of Duela Dent just for fun.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three uses of this Batgirl mold so far: Three Jokers (2021), Jokerized (2024), and Amazon Bat Family (2022).


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