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X-Men '97 - ROGUE!

Marvel Epic Hero Series - X-Men '97 5-Pack (Target Exc) Rogue - Hasbro 2023

X-Men women are some of the most interesting characters in all of comicdom. Their powers, personalities, and histories merge together to create a dynamic fully-realized person. I think the most widely-embraced example of this is Rogue. She's powerful, but delicate. She's flirty, but untouchable. And she is widely viewed as oozing sex appeal, but she is covered head to toe and is essentially chaste (out of necessity). And all that intrigue doesn't even take into account her villainous history and relation to Mystique. She has also had a lot of great costumes. This yellow and green bodysuit with a bomber jacket and headband is actually my least favorite, but it has really grown on me in recent years. And clearly, it's her most popular look. I'm impressed with this Epic Hero Series. Typically 1:18 scale ladies have weird limbs and oversized joints. It's like the engineering needed for the articulation is always fighting against the smaller female sculpts. But these figures look great. I can't wait to see who is next.

Rogue's only accessory is this odd green energy effect. It has a groove that fits snugly around her forearm.
I can't help but see this as looking like some kind of grub or crustacean.

This figure was also available as a single-pack release.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the ladies from this Epic Hero 5-Pack: Storm and Rogue.

And all 5 characters from this set. This Target-exclusive 5-Pack is the only way to get Gambit.

Here are the boys with their accessories.

And here is Rogue with her 3.75" Marvel Universe figure from 2013.


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