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ReAction Action Figures - Willow (1988 Film) - Queen Bavmorda - Super7 2022

Willow (1988) is a classic fantasy movie by George Lucas and Ron Howard. It took years to develop and evolved quite a bit, but it's an oft-spoken piece of trivia that Lucas approached Warwick Davis about the movie when David was just 12 years old and filming Return of the Jedi as Wicket. I saw Willow when I was a kid, and honestly I  found it confusing. But I've been exposed to it again as an adult (by some rabid fans, and I even briefly knew a cat named Elora Danon) and I have come to really appreciate it. It has some classic story homages, like The Hobbit with an unlikely diminutive hero going on a grand adventure, or the story of Moses where a young child with a predestined path washes up on the banks of a river. Or my favorite, Snow White, where an evil queen hears a prophecy that a young girl will usurp her power. That insecure evil queen is the iconic Bavmorda of Nockmaar played by Jean Marsh. To me, she was always the standout of the film, but I am always partial to a wicked sorceress.

Although I wasn't a huge fan of the 2022 Disney Willow sequel, it did breathe some new life into the property and inspired this great line of retro toys. As far as I know, the only original toy merchandising in the 80s was a series of small PVC figures. I remember seeing them in Woolworth's as a kid and being unimpressed. But finally Super7 gave us the figures we should have seen back then.

I'm not going to give Elora Danan her own post since she is essentially just an accessory. But this unarticulated swaddled infant princess is an exclusive pack-in to the D23 Exclusive Willow Ufgood figure. This version comes with a backpack-swaddled Elora and his wand. The standard version of Willow came with a sword and cloak.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the ladies of Willow together: Bavmorda, Elora Danan, and Sorsha.

And here is the entire wave of Willow ReAction figures (excluding the standard-release Willow Ofgood). From Left to Right: General Kael, Queen Bavmorda, Willow Ufgood, Elora Danan, Sorsha, and Madmartigan.

And here is are thee recent late-80's cinematic icons for comparison: Bavmorda from Willow (Super7) and Sarah from Labyrinth (Plastic Meatball) and Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride (Super7).


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