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Marvel Select - LADY DEADPOOL!

Marvel Select -  Marvel Comics Lady Deadpool - Diamond Select Toys 2017

This post is an interesting one because I have already written it. Longtime readers might even have slight deja vu. In September of 2017 I purchased this figure and promptly photographed and reviewed her. There's plenty of evidence to support this, including hotlinks on other blog posts made years afterwards (which are created directly from the existing post). But at some point it got deleted. I don't know how that could have happened, but for years now I would notice the missing post and dead links. The photos were still uploaded and present, but no actual content existed. So I'm finally re-treading old territory for consistency's sake. I remember when this figure came out and my excitement at her quality and scale. A lot of previous Marvel Select ladies looked stiff and awkward to me, but this figure marked a turning point. She blends in with Marvel Legends scale-wise and her sculpt seems a lot more natural than previous figures like Gamora and Black Widow. Let's check out Lady Deadpool below!


Lady Deadpool comes with a display stand, a bazooka, a semiautomatic handgun, three sets of hands, two swords with a heart-shaped back scabbard, and a Headpool accessory that anchors to the base.

Headpool has a pretty great sculpt. I tend to shy away from gross toys (zombies, gore, etc),
but I can admit this is very well made.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Lady Deadpool with the Marvel Select Gamora.

From Left to Right: Factory Entertainment Diecast, Gentle Giant Mini-BustMarvel LegendsMarvel Select, and Marvel Universe.

And here she is with two diversely-scaled Marvel Legends figures for reference: Jessica Jones and Sif.


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