Saturday, July 6, 2024

Super7 ReAction - TRON'S YORI!

ReAction Action Figures - Disney Parks Exclusive Tron Series - Yori - Super7 2023

Tron is such an iconic movie from my childhood. In a decade of amazing barrier-breaking movies, I always thought that Tron (1982) was the most visually inventive of them all. The backlit animation and film overlay created an effect that still mesmerizes me today. I find of fell into collecting Tron figures by accident. I was working on some customs about 15 years ago and needed 3.75" translucent bodies. At the time you could get beat-up vintage Tron figures cheap on eBay. But when I got them I found I liked them more than I expected and became a fan. A glaring omission from the major toylines was the token female character, Yori. (She had a Kubrick block figure released, but that was it). This ReAction line is really great. They fit in well with the classic figures, but have a cinematic deco that differentiates them from all the candy-colored transparent figures before. The issue is they are hard to get and prohibitively overpriced (like everything at Disney parks). It took almost a year for me to get her at a decent price.

At first glance, this figure looks very much like a boy. I've seen early solicit photos where she had more feminine eye makeup and it made a big difference. I might attempt a subtle customization someday. Although when standing next to Flynn and Sark, she definitely appears female in comparison, so I might just let her be.

Yori's only accessory is her Identity Disc.

While these toys may look like they glow in the dark with their pale semi-translucent plastic, they do not. 
They DO however look pretty cool under a blacklight.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the four single-carded Tron ReAction figures. From Left to Right: Tron, Infiltrator Flynn, Yori, and Warrior. There are three additional characters included in the Light Cycle sets. All are exclusive to Disney Parks.



  1. Cindy Morgan and I share the same birthday! I got to meet her at a con several years ago and she was super sweet.

    1. That's awesome. I hope to meet her at a convention someday. I keep seeing her cool 8x10s as Yori signed on eBay and I'd love to get one in person.