Monday, January 23, 2012

G.I.Joe Dreadnok ZANYA!

G.I.Joe 30th Anniversary - Dreadnok Battle Set - BBTS Exc - Hasbro 2011

The newest lady in Hasbro's EXTENSIVE line of fantastic female figures (Seriously, I have more than 75 and I'm missing a few), comes the Dreadnok heiress Zanya. She comes in the BigBadToyStore Exclusive Dreaknok Battle Set 7-Pack (Available now!) I don't know much about this character since she is a relatively new addition via Image's G.I.Joe: Frontline comics, but I know she is Zartan's mysterious daughter who showed up and instantly started causing trouble. I think the character design is great. Her look is original but fits right in with the Dreadnok style. And I don't think I've ever heard of a G.I.Joe character with green hair. A diverse hair spectrum is always something I like to encourage in my toy collection, and we all know the Dreadnoks faction is the only place we're likely to see any fun hair styles in this universe. Let's check out Zanya below!

The figure itself is very nice.  The 25th Anniversary Zarana body is great and Zanya uses the Torso and Arms from that mold.  Her hair and piercings add a lot of interesting texture to the head and the painted-on fishnet sleeves add a great distinguishing touch.

One of my favorite observations about this figure is how Hasbro has taken three very similar sculpts and disguised the re-use of parts with clever paintjobs.  I wouldn't have realized they have almost identical bodies if I wasn't really looking for it.

My one critique about this figure would be a general assumption about her body type and age.  She's supposed to be pretty young with Zarana being her aunt.  Also, the figure looks pretty gaunt next to her comic book appearances.

That's a small complaint really since I know these companies must re-use body parts in order to produce so many characters.

All in all I am really happy that this figure got made.  I think she has the power to stay in the G.I.Joe universe for a long time, and this action figure really cements her role.  For all the numerous strong heroic females in this brand, there are very few villianesses.  (Here's hoping for a Cobra-La boxset with a Pythona!)


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