Thursday, January 19, 2012

Silver Age CATWOMAN Review

Batman Legacy - Series 3 Singles - Silver Age Catwoman -  Mattel 2012

I've always been a fan of Catwoman.  My first exposure must have been Julie Newmar playing the role in the 60's television series (in cable syndication of course since I was born almost two decades later).  Comics became a big part of my life when I was 9 or 10 and my prized possessions quickly became the old backissues of Batman Family and The Brave & The Bold featuring Selina Kyle in her classic Purple and Green caped outfit.  I love almost every incarnation of this ever-evolving character (Jim Balent gritted teeth Catwoman and Halle Berry are excused from this praise) but this caped & cowled version will always hold a special place for me. That said, I was very excited when we saw an early version of a Batman Legacy Classic Catwoman shown at NYCC this past autumn.  The promo figure was not properly assembled and looked so weird, but I was glad to see it on the agenda nonetheless. Sometime in December, prototypes began appearing on eBay and I was relieved that she looked good.

    The hunt was on. I knew she was supposed to start showing up in stores soon, but I was still caught completely offguard when I found her in Wal-Mart this evening after work.  They had three in stock, but two of them had severe paint smudges on the face.  I also purchased the first appearance Batman figure (who looks great now with the skinny torso).

I have to thank this figure for making me finally start this toy blog.  I've had the domain purchased and have had all kinds of ideas, but without specific motivation I would've been lazy and indecisive.  So anyway, thanks Selina.  Everything is still under construction and you'll see lots of changes in the coming weeks, but I figure I might as well get my first piece of real content out there asap.

On to the review!

Catwoman comes in the standard Batman Legacy packaging.  The graphics on the box are especially nice and had me feeling very nostalgic for those old comics.

Next up is the figure itself.  She's got a pretty standard DCUC body, although her cleavage is sculpted deeper (as if to show that it's exposed skin, and not covered in cloth).  Her cape is heavy and prohibits her from standing without her base.  All joints were great, no sticking.  She comes with no whip!  This is odd given how her right hand is pretty much sculpted specifically for it.  The Series 2 Batgirl didn't come with a Batarang either.  She does come with a display stand and a mini comic poster (as shown on the side of the packaging).

Comparison Time!

Silver Age Legacy Catwoman with Legacy Batgirl.

Silver Age Legacy Catwoman with DCUC Gotham 5-Pack Catwoman

Silver Age Legacy Catwoman with DC Direct Hush Catwoman

Legacy Catwoman with DC Direct Silver Age Catwoman

The only real flaw in mine is a mold seam on her chin.  Nothing an X-acto can't cure in two seconds though.  The scuffs of her chest aren't really noticeable when she's standing straight.  The one issue I have with the design of this figure is the chest.  The cleavage is ridiculously low and the painted hemline looks cheap, but from a few feet away it's not bad.

Collection- We don't see this outfit reflected in the merchandising too often.  I can think of two additional DC Direct statues (the pinup one and the confrontation one) in this look, but I think that's it.  If i'm wrong, let me know!   I'll be back tomorrow with a new review... keep me bookmarked!



  1. nice first post other then her looking like she has that deer in the head lights look got to admit mattel did okay on legacy catwoman. as for the whip easy that can be solved by proably just using a whip from some other catwoman or some figure who has a whip.

  2. Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with this site so far. Yeah, I figure there will be a plethora of whips available when the movie merchandise starts hitting the shelves. Until then she'll just go without. A lot of DCUC women have psycho eyes if you check them out close, but when you step back it kind of turns into this vacant/psuedo-sexy gaze haha

  3. Just found your site a few months ago. Really enjoy it so I figured I'd start at the beginning. Cheers!