Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Funko Pop CATWOMAN Revealed!

Dark Knight Rises - Funko POP! Catwoman

Finally!  I have a confession.  I have been googling "+funko +pop +catwoman -plush" nearly every week for a year.  I love my two Batgirl Pops (regular and black SDCC version -- tho I passed on the metallic repaint) and I've been pining for more bat-ladies to add to the roster.  I'm frankly surprised we haven't seen a classic comic version yet.  Funko seems to love easy repaints and selina is a prime target for variations; Purple, Black, and Gray versions of her costumes will always be in style.  Plus we've seen that Funko Pop Plush Catwoman in the stores for a couple years now, so we know the character is on their radar.

Anyway... Yay!  This is actually my favorite piece of DKR merchandise shown so far.  Can't wait to get her.

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  1. I'm so excited about this too. If I only get one TDKR Catwoman item (and of course I won't only get one) it will be this one. So cute!

  2. She's so Julie Newmar! I'm actually planning ahead for the growth of my catwoman shelf. Actually I don't currently have catwoman shelf, but she'll definitely need her own after this summer.