Saturday, February 11, 2012


The Four Horsemen Have Revealed EIGHT new females @ Toypocalypse

I went broke getting all the 7th Kingdom Cat-Girls as the 4-H summer exlusives a few years ago.  Now they're at it again with an extension of their Gothtropolis Line; the Vampire Queen and 7 variants.  I use "variants" lightly because most of them have unique headsculpts - to me that warrants a wholly separate character.  They all have the same bodies, but with distinctive paint applications, different accessories, and those amazing varied heads.  These are going to be an exciting group to collect.  (I especially love the Snake-headed girl!)  For the record, there are Two "humans", Two Cat-ladies (same cat head as 7th Kingdom), One Cow-Headed girl, One Snake-Headed girl, and One Skull/Reaper-Headed girl.   Plus they have revealed the designs for the first female Outer Space Men figure, a human-looking astronaut named Terra Firma.  Anyway, on to the pics..

These pictures were shot and posted by the amazing!  Head over there to check out the full-sized pics (plus all the boy characters.. kinda love that Cardinal guy).  [I resized these all at least by half out of photo-swiping guilt, so please head to AFI to see the full-sized versions]


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  1. Those are extremely pretty. I've always held off on these before given their price, but I'm definitely tempted.