Sunday, February 12, 2012


G.I.Joe 2007 Convention Exclusive from Hasbro

This version of Doc was included in the G.I.Joe 2007 Convention Exclusive Boxset "Tanks For The Memories."  Carla is introduced as the niece of Carl Greer, the original Doc.  Having never appeared in the TV Series, and only having a few scattered comic book cameos (starting in 2004), she was essentially an unknown and non-canonical character until she received this figure and associated filecard bio - which established her relationship with the original Doc.  Being the only African American female action figure released in the G.I.Joe line (among over 26 unique female characters, and more than 75 female action figures - including all variations of those 26 characters), this Doc figure should be a necessity of any G.I.Joe collection, if for nothing else than to provide some realistic diversity.

Doc is constructed using the body of the Original 1985 Lady Jaye figure, but with a newly sculpted head and different accessories.  In the last few years that Hasbro was using the old 1980's G.I.Joe bodies, they tended to produce figures with unproportionatlely small heads.  I don't totally hate this phenomemon, but when all lined up together, the figures of this era look like an odd transition between the vintage lines and the newer 25th anniversary designs.

Carla came with (1) a filecard, (2) a pistol, (3) an orange backpack, (4) a medical case, and (5) a clear figure stand.

One very cool nugget of info about this figure is an old character design from the early 80's.  Hasbro was proposing to diversify the line early on and a concept sketch of an unnamed black female character was produced.  I think it's clear that someone at Hasbro (or Devil's Due comics) thought it was a shame that this character was never produced and finally found a way to bring her to fruition.

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  Time for a comparison pic!  Here's Carla "Doc" Greer with her body twin, the 1985 Lady Jaye.

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  1. nice new use for the old lady jaye figure plus love how they tie her as being a relative of the original Doc since other joes families were shown in some episodes of the cartoon. not to mention and cool that she was being considered for the line early on.

  2. I know. kudo's to Hasbro for making this character. When I saw her solicited with the convention boxset, I had a vague memory of seeing that concept drawing on the internet.. took me forever to find it. Interesting also how the concept sketch looks almost exactly like the original Lady Jaye toy, it's as if they designed the toy for an original female Doc instead of Lady Jaye, since we never saw LJ wear a hat in the cartoon.