Thursday, February 2, 2012


The Gotham City Sirens return to the Lego universe with revamped designs for 2011

I've been kicking myself for years for not buying these three ladies the first time around.  I would see them in Toys'R'us years ago and put heavy consideration into buying a whole building set for one little minifig.  I always walked away empty-handed and these tiny vixens have become "the one(s) that got away" for me ever since.  That said, I was very excited when they announced a new LEGO DC Universe license at SDCC this year.  I was a little let down that the one bat-female they showed seemed to be an identical Catwoman to the original (I always thought the mask could be tweaked to look better) but I was happy to get the chance to get them again at a reasonable price.

I never realized how fun LEGOs could be!  I seriously had a great time photographing these right now (see the fun pics at the end) and now I really hope we might see a few more figures like Batgirl and Huntress in the coming year.

Each minifig comes with a two-sided head so you can give them different facial expressions.

They all feature printing on their backs (based on the fact that this feature is often mentioned with other minifigs, I assume this is something not always present)

Now let's check out the differences between these new versions and the previous versions from a few years ago (2008 I think).  We'll Start with Catwoman.  She is VERY similar overall.  Her facial expressions are different, and her entire chest detailing is new (notice the belt, purple waist slimmers, and the curves of her chest).  The new Catwoman comes with a brown whip and a stolen diamond, the old one comes with a black whip.  Each figure has pros and cons, I can't judge either as better or worse than the other.

Next up is Harley.  Again, a VERY similar design.  There is a new face, new torso details, different colored hands, slight difference in the placement of the diamonds on her legs, and the new Harley doesn't come with any of the cool accessories that the 2008 version did.  Overall I would say the old one is superior.  Her face looks more mischievous, her accessories are cool, and the white printing on her torso is bolder (although oddly udder-shaped).

Lastly, we have Ivy.  This was a MAJOR improvement.  The old Ivy was okay, but not worth the crazy prices she was fetching on eBay.  The new version has great hair, great torso and leg details, and an awesome vine whip (I believe the old one came with a green version of catwoman's whip).  Awesome job on this one.

 Time for some comparison shots.  Here are the new Harley and Catwoman Legos with their respective Mini-Mates and Kubricks.

Time for the fun pics!

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  1. I also regret not getting these the first time around, and have rectified it so far with the new Catwoman set (and will DEFINITELY be buying the HQ set when I see it!)

    I did get an original Harley a while back off eBay because I just had to have her, but I look forward to her second version too; just one more Harley to love!

    Great pics and comparison shots!

  2. Thanks I'm loving the toy blogging thing so far.. still trying to get the pics less grainy (my camera is way too complicated). I'm hoping the old legos will be a little more reasonably priced on the secondary market now, because eventually it would be really cool to get them all, too. I'm a sucker for variations :)

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