Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marvel Legends HOPE SUMMERS!

Marvel Legends New Terrax Build-a-Figure Wave from Hasbro

It's been a while since Marvel Legends has released a full wave of action figures for us ravenous collectors.  The Nemesis wave was released almost three years ago in July of 2009 and fans have been begging for more ever since.  Sure, we've had a scattering of 2-Packs released since, but I think we all miss the days when Marvel Legends dominated the market and really set high standards for the action figure industry.  Of course they've had their downsides, too.  Their females figures rarely looked healthy, plagued by too much articulation and too-skinny bodies.  The past few releases have shown vast improvement in the female bucks, and this figure is one step closer to perfection.

This figure comes in the new Marvel Legends packaging and looks great.  It has plenty of big colorful graphics and great use of fonts.  I think is the most fun packaging I have ever seen from Hasbro.

The figure is beautiful.  She has a great female buck, which seems almost identical to a few previous females like ML Black Widow and Maria Hill.  Her head sculpt is the best I have seen on a Marvel product for a LONG time and the accessory costume details look awesome (tattered cape, armbands, and shinguards).  Hasbro still seems to be using flesh-colored plastic instead of having fully-painted faces.  This give her face an odd plasticy/shiny quality that is less than ideal, but not a major detractor.

My Hope figure had a slight paint problem on her lips.  The bottom lip in particular had almost no paint on it, except for a little dab in the middle a'la Queen Amidala.  This made her look like she was frowning in most of the pics so I took a moment to dab a little "Race Car Red" on her lower lip and I think I made a world of difference.  Maybe I have a future in the cosmetics industry.

Hope comes with a Large gun/cannon.  I find it difficult to pose her with, but it looks pretty cool nonetheless.  She also comes with the Head and Axe of the Build-a-Figure Terrax (not pictured).

Here she is with all her parts removed.  The Cape and gauntlets add a lot of needed bulk to her frame, becuse the basic buck is just too gangly.

Group photo time!


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