Sunday, February 19, 2012

SDCC Exclusive Asgard STORM Mini-Bust!

Diamond Select 2007 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

I was hard-pressed to select a single piece of Storm merchandise to review this month.  There was no way she could be excluded from my series of Black History Month reviews, but she's had so many action figures and statues that it was hard to choose.  If I had more, I would have featured her in a Character Spotlight, but unfortunately my personal collection is a bit lacking in the Ororo department.  I chose this bust because it has a very nostalgic connection for me.  I am and always have been a huge fan of Arthur Adams' art.  My first exposure to him was in the epic Asgardian Wars storyline of 1985.  I would carry around New Mutants Special #1 and X-Men Annual #9 with me whereever I would go (just in case I required an emergency dose of mutant fantasy).  In the storyline, Storm temporarily takes over the role of Thor and becomes the Goddess of Thunder which is the inspiration for this bust.  I only discovered the existence of this bust last year, somehow it slipped completely beneath my radar.

Asgardian women seem to dress a little more...provocatively in the Marvel Universe.  So, try to look past her super-cleavage and just bask in the glory of one of the most powerful Marvel mutants dressed in mythological Norse garb. 

The sculpt on this bust is beautiful, my only complaints are (1) from some angles her eyes look too big, (2) from some angles her neck looks too thin, and (3) the cleavage is more than gratuitous... even if it is comic accurate.

Here are the comic inspirations for this look.  Click the pictures to go to (where I snagged the comic scans from)

Time for a (small) group pic!


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