Monday, February 13, 2012

New SUPER HERO SQUAD Figures Revealed!

Hasbro's Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man Superhero Squad 3-Packs

They're back from the dead!  I had been mourning the loss of Marvel's Superhero Squad since those last multipacks came out a year ago.  We hadn't seen anything new in so long and the last official word is that they would be "continued as retailer exclusives."  Which to me usually signals the swan song of the line.  But today we saw photos from NY Toy Fair 2012 showing Three new 3-packs for the upcoming Marvel movies, including two amazing new females.  While I'm not normally into cutesy super-deformed figures, something about Hasbro's entire line of "heroes" figures caught my attention early on (including the G.I.Joe, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars lines) and I am super excited to add these two to my collection.

Shown here are some really small pics of Gwen Stacy from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 3-Pack.

And here are some pics of the new movie version of Black Widow.  Very different from the comic version released years ago.  When I get this these two, I will do a total review of all the females in this lines - it's a very impressive assortment!


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