Monday, May 14, 2012

Dark Knight Rises FUNKO POP!

Catwoman Makes Her First Funko POP! Vinyl Appearance in the New DKR Lineup!

I'm not the biggest fan of of the vinyl toy renaissance of the past 10 years, but I must admit I'm a HUGE fan of the Funko POP! line.  They're cute as hell, very reasonably priced, and available pretty much anywhere you can buy action figures.  I only own a few at present, but I'm hugely tempted to dive right in and become wholly obsessed.  But until then, I'm sticking to the Bat-Family females.  With the diversity we've seen so far from the POP line, I'm a little surprised that the first Catwoman we've seen has been a movie version.  I thought for sure we would have seen a comic style Selina by now (with multiple exclusive repaints for good measure).  But either way, I'm super-excited to add a second bat-lady to my collection.

The DKR POP Collection started popping up on ebay in the past couple days from sellers in my general geographical area, so this morning I made an early morning stop into a LCS that usually has a good stock of Funko products.  They had three Catwomen in stock and I quickly grabbed the one with best paint.  (Note they also had the DKR Funko Wacky Wobblers on the shelf).... Then I had to head out of town for an all-day Mother's Day BBQ followed by my ritual Sunday night watching of Game of Thrones at a friend's house.  The most frustrating thing about having a toy review blog is not being able to rip open a toy in your car as soon as your get it.  Holding on to her for twelve hours was a testament to my inhuman levels of patience.

The packaging is pretty standard, but with cool Dark Knight Rises logos.  Catwoman is number 21 in the DC Heroes POP series.

The figure is great.  These little guys are so adorable it kills me.  I've had issues selecting POP figures with decent paint jobs.  They often have paint "misting" around the edges, but usually these flaws are unnoticable from a few feet away.

She has a standard Funko POP! head-swivel articulation (mildly hindered by her hair).

Time for some comparison pics!

Here she is with with standard issue Batgirl figure and the SDCC Exclusive black Batgirl.  (Note: there's also a metallic blue version of Batgirl not pictured)


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