Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Target Exclusive Dark Knight Rises 4" CATWOMAN!

DKR "Battle for Gotham City" Target-Exclusive 5-Pack Catwoman from Mattel

This little beauty totally snuck up on me.  I recently moved and have been suffering all the typical move-related traumas:  my toys are packed away, I was without internet for weeks, and I can't find my razor anywhere.  The internet guy finally came Saturday morning (albeit with the wrong modem) and I was finally able to catch up on things I had missed in the previous weeks.  CoolToyReview had a post featuring a sneak-peek image of the Target Exclusive DKR 5-Pack.  The article was focusing on the Stealth Batman figure as a possible plot spoiler (which I'm skeptical about), but I was blown away by the cool-looking Catwoman figure off to the side.  Monday at work I made plans to hit three Targets on my lunch hour, and luckily I found the set on my second stop.  They had about eight sets on the shelf and I spent some time picking a decent paint job, but I'm very happy with this surprise figure.

Catwoman came packed with Bane, Caped Crusader Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Stealth Vision Batman.  It's in a pretty wide box that sits on the lower shelves in the action figure aisle.

The figure has very limited articulation (kind of standard for Mattel figures of this scale lately), and the arms are a little oddly posed as if she desperately needs an accessory to balance her out -- but the face and figure are sculpted beautifully.  She has me very excited to hunt down the Movie Masters figures now.

Here is a comparison shot with the DC Direct HUSH Catwoman and the DC Direct Arkham City Catwoman.


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