Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eaglemoss Chess HARLEY QUINN Revealed!

DC Chess Collection #17 Black Queen - from Eaglemoss Publications

I'm glad to have some non-Catwoman woman news this month!  The DC Comics Chess collection is going strong and I'm really excited to see the sculpts of all the upcoming figures.  Just revealed this past weekend were Bane, Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Mr. Freeze, Nightwing, Scarecrow, and Ra's Al Ghul.  I'm eagerly awaiting the pieces for Batwoman, Huntress, and Black Bat to be solicited.  I have the Catwoman and Batgirl pieces already and they are great additions to any bat-family collection (I'll review them shortly).  I should note that in the magazines shipped with those first two figures of mine, there is a thumbnail image of Cassandra Cain as Black Bat shown on the chessboard of upcoming pieces.  The image is just a panel from a comic book, but it's exciting news for Cass fans.

Here is the solicit pic of Harley as the Black Queen:

The other two ladies shown in this latest batch of reveals were Black Canary and Katana.  Although both of these have had small images displayed on the Eaglemoss site for a few months now.

Head on over to the Eaglemoss Webpage to see more pictures. 

18.) Bane - Black Pawn
17.) Harley Quinn - Black Queen
16.) Black Canary - White Pawn
15.) Mr. Freeze - Black Pawn
14.) Nightwing - White Bishop
13.) Scarecrow - Black Pawn
12.) Katana - White Pawn
11.) Ra's Al Ghul - Black Bishop

Here's a link to my past post from January when the Poison Ivy piece was unveiled

And you should check out DC Women Kicking Ass to see a scan of the Black Bat teaser I mentioned above.

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