Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eaglemoss Chess HUNTRESS Revealed!

DC Chess Collection #21 White Rook - from Eaglemoss Publications

I'm loving Eaglemoss these days!  I just bought the Poison Ivy piece last week and I'm getting very excited to collect all the bat-ladies together.  This time last year there were rumors of the line getting the axe; pre-orders being cancelled; uncertainty of how the DC reboot would affect merchandising; and just general doom and gloom about the whole series.  But now we've seen solicit pics for about 2/3 of the pieces and about 1/3 are actually in the stores.  While I am sad that we won't be getting Oracle or Stephanie Brown Batgirl, the excellent Babs Batgirl and the rumored upcoming Black Bat help ease the pain.  I love the look of this Huntress.  I was never the biggest fan of the previous Eaglemoss Huntress (although she was still amazing.. see pics here and here), but this figure makes up for her in spades.  She looks sexy, tough, and no-nonsense.  She should be on the shelves in November.

Here is the solicit pic of Huntress as the White Rook:

Here is a quick photoshop of all the unveiled bat-ladies together:

I'm purposely excluding the final two ladies from the series:  Black Canary and Katana.  For my purposes, I consider them part of the Batman Universe, but not necesarily part of the Batman Family..  (i.e... they go on a different shelf :))

Head on over to the Eaglemoss Webpage to see more pictures. 

?.) Black Bat - White Pawn (Unconfirmed)
?.) Batwoman - White Rook (Unconfirmed)
21.) Huntress - White Rook
17.) Harley Quinn - Black Queen
16.) Black Canary - White Pawn
12.) Katana - White Pawn
9.) Poison Ivy - Black Pawn
7.) Batgirl - White Knight
6.) Catwoman - White Queen
And you should check out DC Women Kicking Ass to see a scan of the Black Bat teaser referenced above.


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