Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hot Toys DKR Cosbaby CATWOMAN!

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Mini-Cosbaby from Hot Toys

There's a new contender for the cutest freakin Catwoman ever!  I thought the DKR Funko Pop would be the reigning champion for the foreseeable future, then along comes this pesky little Cosbaby to mess things up.  When the first DC Cosbabies came out in 2009 (from DC Direct & Hot Toys), I would have wagered some serious money that the line would not be successful at all.  I sneered at them, I mocked them, I ignored them, I paid twice MSRP for them a year later when I reluctantly caved.  They're insanely cute. This new Catwoman is from a new series of 9 Cosbabies from the Nolan film trilogy just hitting the market now. Run out and grab them asap before you end up a victim of the secondary market like I did.  My figure came blindpacked -which seems a little crazy at a $9 pricepoint -but most online toy retailers seem to be offering them individually or in sets of 3 grouped by movie.

The blindpack box is pretty plain.  The graphics are printed in a flat gold and one of the sides shows graphics of the entire series (This side is printed very dark and doesn't photograph well).

I hate myself for loving this figure so much.

Time for some comparison pics!

Here she is side-by-side with the 2009 comic book Catwoman:

Let's add the 2009 Batgirl to the mix to complete the Cosbaby Bat-Ladies so far:
(The eyes and mouths are really improved on the new Cosbabies.. much more personality now)

And finally, here's an updated shot of my DKR Catwomen so far:


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