Friday, September 28, 2012

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse FLAMEWAR!

Tranformers: Prime - Cyberverse - Legion Class Series 2:12 from Hasbro

Arcee gets a surprise evil doppelganger in the form of the Flamewar.  This figure totally snuck up on me.  I saw her in Target without having heard of her at all (then again, I'm a very inconsistent Transformers fan, so I probably just missed the news).  She is pretty much a straight repaint of the Cyberverse Arcee (that I loosely reviewed here).  Normally I wouldn't buy a such a blatant duplication, but I have a penchant for villianesses, so a non-arachnid female decepticon was just too much to pass up.   In the store, I seriously thought she was simply an Arcee with orange highlights, but side-by-side, they look pretty different.  This character appears to have never been in a cartoon, but has been around for at least seven years in the comic and toy worlds.  Check out more of her character details here and here.

What I find so impressive about these Cyberverse: Legion Class figures is the amount of detail they have for their tiny size.   She is just a hair over three inches tall from feet to the tips of her wings.

Here she is in bike mode.

Time For Some Comparison Pics!


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