Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lady SQUINKIES of the DC Universe!

The Cutest Little Collectible Rubber Heroines and Villianesses from Blip Toys

My nieces and nephews have been obsessed with these little toys for years. I personally never understood the fascination.  To me, they looked like overpriced gumball machine toys.   They're made of a really soft rubber, often sloppily painted, and they just seemed silly.  I guess it's just a matter of perspective though, because as soon as I heard there were DC characters being made, I was on the prowl like nobody's business.  There are presently four DC sets available.  DC Universe Series 1 & Series 2 are readily available at Toys R Us, Target, and presumably everywhere that carries Squinkies.  The Justice League and Batman sets are rumored to be exclusive to Walgreens (which is where I found mine).  Squinkies are less than an inch tall, come in individual plastic capsules, and can be played with in a large playset (which are glorified gumball machines which will dispense your toys).  They are usually sold in 2 formats: 1) Blindbagged single figures, or 2) Carded complete sets (usually sets of 12).  On to the Ladies!

I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves in this review.  They are mostly all of the same quality, with some paint imperfections and a simplified cartoony appearance that may or may not appeal to you.  I personally love them and will continue to add them to my collection.

First up is Catwoman.  There are two versions of Catwoman.  The first is in a black costume and in a reclining pose. She came in the Batman Set.

Next up is the second version of Catwoman standing upright in a Gray suit that came in DC Universe Squinkies Series 2.

Next up is Batgirl in her early New 52 purple cape.  She came in the Batman set.

Next up is Supergirl.  She came in the DC Universe Series 1 set.

Next up is Zatanna who is a "hidden" figure from DC Universe Squinkies Series 1.  There are three mystery/hidden figures per set that are in opaque capsules.

Next up is Wonder Woman in her New 52 outfit.  She came in the Justice League set.

Next Up is the final DC Lady, Cheetah. She came in the Justice League set.  She is by far the cleanest and nicest figure of the group.

I know I titled this blog post "DC Ladies", but one I broke the seal and bought my first superhero Squinkie, I HAD to buy the Storm figure I had been seeing for months.

Here is Storm from Marvel Squinkies Series 3: X-Men.

There are only two other Marvel ladies out so far, neither of which I own.  Here are stock photos of Black Widow from the Avengers Movie  set and Gwen Stacy from the Amazing Spider-Man Movie set.

Time for some Comparison and Group shots!


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