Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DC Universe Signature Series POISON IVY!

Pamela Isley Makes Her Long-Awaited DCUC Debut from Mattel 2012

Ughhh.  I had major issues with this figure.  The image you're looking at in the thumbnail to the left is my final product after I repainted her face.  I normally wait a long time before customizing a figure (I try to "live with it" a while first), but I needed to do something to make amends for my initial deflated reaction when I pulled her out of the box.  I love Poison Ivy.  She was the reason I subscribed to Club Infinite Earths.  The prototypes shown at conventions were beautiful.  I was really excited to get her.  Then yesterday I got the final product in my greedy little hands.  My first and most major problem was her skin tone.  The odd color and translucent quality of the plastic makes her look glow-in-the-dark.  The second gripe I had was the awful oversimplified and sloppy facepaint.  It was ridiculous how low-quality it was.  The third problem is her incredibly loose leg joints.  She can barely stand up without flopping over at the waist.  I was also surprised to see that the ivy snaking up her leg and arms were separate pieces of plastic that look a bit sloppy in person.

I love the graphics on the back and side!

Her hair sculpt is great.  Arguably the best we've seen from the DC Universe ladies.

Now on to my face customization.  Here is what she looked like straight out of the package.

I'm not quite done with her yet, I want to darken around her eyelashes and give her a more sultry, seductive look, but for the most part I'm happy with the results.  I also filled out her lips to make them look less puckered.

Time for some Comparison Shots!

Here are the Gotham City Sirens all together

And here is a small selection of Ivys



  1. Your custom face is exquisite! The Mattel version is something to be ashamed of - quite an abomination and a million miles off the mark from the solicited prototype!

    1. Thanks so much! I was so upset when I saw her in person, I felt taken advantage of on so many different levels (skin tones changes, face paint changes, quality of construction, and using her as bait to subscribe). I still think she looks too wide-eyed and happy in my custom, but I'm getting used to it. Thanks again for the kind words!

  2. This was a very nice Poison Ivy figure and your little modifications make it so much better! Of course, there's been the common gripe that she has two closed fists, which doesn't make sense for the character, but I can live with it. Also, the head on my figure snapped off almost immediately, but I was able to salvage it with the "little bit of wire" trick. What I really, really liked about this one was the fantastic hair sculpt!

    1. Yeah her fists are awful. The whole figure needs a major overhaul. My fingers are crossed that we'll see some kind of Batman Rogues multipack that will include an updated version of her. The hair is indeed the best part of her. I just can't beleive how bad this figure was when Platinum and Elasti-girl were go good. If they screw up Huntress like this I will cry.