Thursday, October 25, 2012

Marvel Legends MYSTIQUE!

Your Favorite Shapeshifter Debuts in Her Modern Look from Hasbro 2012

This action figure makes me want to go re-read that amazing but short-lived Mystique comic series from the early 2000's.  That series was the first time I remember Ms Darkholme donning the modern, dark leather clothes.  You can't even really call it a costume anymore, and I kind of like that.  Mystique comes in the third 2012 Wave from the new Marvel Legends series.  Her character slot is technically titled "X-Mutants" and contains either Moonstar or Mystique.  There was a similar slot in Wave two called "Marvel's Madames" which contained either Madame Masque or Madame Hydra.  It's really odd that Hasbro considers these character pairs to be variants of each other, but I won't complain as long as it means we're getting some long-overdue Marvel ladies.  I realize in typing this that I never posted my Marvel Madames review.  I'll try to squeeze it in this weekend, especially since I make mention of the re-use of Madame Hydra's awful awful head with shockingly positive results.

I think she looks great.  She's uses the standard female buck we've been seeing for a few year now and she actually makes use of that godawful Madame Hydra head.  I don't know if it's the blue skin or the lack of green metallic makeup, but I'm amazed at how much I don't hate this sculpt on her.

She comes with a wide array of guns and a figure stand

Time for some comparisons with her greenish doppelganger, Madame Hydra

Time for a group shot!


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