Friday, October 12, 2012

Photos From NYCC 2012!

My First Trip to the New York ComicCon Documented for Your Viewing Pleasure

This will be a big experiment in my smartphone fluency, nerdy aggressiveness, crowd navigation skills, and sheer speed.  I'm typing this introduction a week ahead of time in hopes that I can easily upload photos onto this post as I take them.  I will only be at the ComicCon for four measely hours on opening day before I unfortunatley must head out of the city.  But, rest assured, I'm mapping out my plan of attack well ahead of time and I will post any interesting (lady) reveals here - all before 3pm friday.  Hopefully I will work out all technical kinks in the next few days to ensure this plan flows as smoothly as possible.  Then again, if I end up waiting in line for 4 hours to nab my Temple of Darkness Sorceress, it may be all be nothing.

The most exciting thing I saw was the Dark Knight Rises Catwoman figure from Kai Play Arts.. I hope they make a full color version. I saw some cool new Power Rangers. The Arkham Asylum Talia Figure looks great as does the Death CoverGirls statue. The new Heroclix are awesome. They didn't photograph too well, but they look great in person. There's some more but I'm typing this in a cab... Check out all the pics below. Cheers!

Square Enix

Play Arts Kai: Bat-Ladies!   Dark Knight Rises Catwoman!  I really hope this comes in a full-color version.

Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn & Arkham City Catwoman

Vixens of Vice
Prototype Action Figures

DC Collectibles

Arkham City Talia Al Ghul Action Figure

Covergirls of the DC Universe - Death Statue.  I really hope this isn't the last of the line!

Ame-Comi - Mary Marvel PVC Statue

Arkham City - Harley Quinn Statue.
This is a very well-made statue, such a relief after seeing some of the new wave of Covergirls statues (excluding Death of course).

DC Bombshells - Wonder Woman Statue


MOTUC - Netossa

MOTUC - Shield Maiden Sherrlyn

MOTUC - Octavia

MOTUC - Frosta

MOTUC - Temple of Darkness Sorceress

DC Universe Signature Collection - Elasti-Girl

DC Universe Signature Collection - Platinum

DC Universe Signature Collection - Poison Ivy

Watchmen - Silk Spectre

Batman Unlimited - Batgirl  (New 52)

New 52 Wonder Woman

Various WWE Figures.  They weren't labeled and I don't know any names (but I love the black girl with the red hair and cat ears!)


HeroClix - Poison Ivy

HeroClix - Catwoman

HeroClix - Batwoman (with Batgirl in the Foreground)

HeroClix - Harley & Joker
Verry blury picture I apologize, the lighting on this display would not let me cell camera focus properly.


Harley Quinn, Huntress, and Power Girl PVC Statues

Storm, Kitty Pryde, X-23, and Black Widow PVC Statues

Ban Dai

Power Rangers MegaForce - Gosei Pink

Power Rangers MegaForce - Gosei Yellow

Diamond Select

Marvel Minimates 48 - Fantastic Four

I'll leave you with one of my favorite weird figures from SH Figuarts.  I'm not sure who she is or what property she's from, but she's a stunningly odd bird-lady with crazy articulation.  They had her for sale but she was a little out of my budget.



  1. Thanks for this wonderful oasis of a website! I'm always looking for good refs on little-known action figures, and your blog covers the most obscure group of them all: female vintage figures!
    I need good refs for drawing my webcomics. Take a look, I think they'd be right up your alley. They're currently on hiatus, but I'm still drawing and I will update after I change my main hosting site. For now, they're here:

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! I just read through a bunch of your comics, great stuff!