Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 10 - MARTIAN SPY GIRL!

Everyone's Favorite Undercover Extra-Terrestrial from Trendmasters 1996

I loved Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!"  I haven't watched the movie in at least 15 years so my memory may be a little fuzzy, but I remember having a blast with my friends in the theatre. I remember shockingly violent quacking martians running around with ray guns and buggy eyeballs.  The celebrities cameos were plentiful and absurd (do I remember Sarah Jessica Parker's head on a chihuahua?).  But mostly I remember Martin Short being smitten over the giant, wobbly bombshell with a raygun in her purse.  She was hilarious and mesmerizing.  Whoever orchestrated her walking technique should have won an Oscar.  I didn't learn the history behind Mars Attacks until much later.  They were wonderfully subversive pulp trading cards in the early sixties that caused quite a commotion in their heyday.  For children of the eighties like myself, this film would be the equivalent of a Garbage Pail Kids movie. (Sounds amazing actually)

Here she is in her packaging.  (Note that she comes with an eyeball spy ring for you to wear.)

Here she is with her accessories.  Her raygun fits inside her purse.  Her giant missle launcher is silly and come with two launching missles (only one shown).  She also came with a Eyeball Spy Ring accessory for you to wear.  And, of course, her removeable human head!


I love how freaky the Martians look.  If they weren't so comical they'd be terrifying.

Note that she has a button on her lower skirt (on the front, just before it flairs out) to activate a sound feature with corresponding sound holes around back.  My figure's button is fused in place, as if the plastic was never properly punched out.  Not sure what she was supposed to say (since she didn't talk in the movie), but I'm sure it was amusing.

Time for a group shot!



  1. I currently have this figure. You push the button once and she'll say "Ack Ack." Push the button again and she'll say "Take me to your leader!"

    1. Awesome thanks for the info! The "Ack Ack" line all the martians say is hilarious. I remember seeing it in the theatre (when I was much younger obviously) and the "Ack ack" becoming a part of the random joking banter among my friends. I'm glad of all the phrases to give her they chose that one.