Monday, October 22, 2012

Temple of Darkness SORCERESS!

2012 Convention Exclusive All-White ReDeco of Teela'Na by Mattel

I have a love/hate relationship with repaints.  I'm a sucker for variations, but I often feel taken advantage of as a collector.  I've had depressing shelves full of multicolored Batmen and have vowed to seriously question such future ventures.  This beautiful lady, however, is welcomed with open arms.  I think there are three good reasons for this; 1) She looks great, 2.) She looks very different from the existing MOTUC Sorceress, and 3.) The variation makes sense.  The Temple of Darkness was a mini-comic packaged with Tri-Clops and Webstor in 1984 in which the Sorceress appeared in all-white.  And it's just an added bonus that she kind of resembles the Sorceress from the Masters of the Universe live-action film now.  Mattel did a great job adding little details to avoid a boring monochromatic figure.  There are subtle gray variations between her cowl, sleeves, and bodice; a nice wash on the textured parts of her outfit (feathers and fur).  The clear wings and pearlized staff just top it all off.

She has a new Bio from the original.. check it out.

There was a big deal made about her boots.  They were swapped out for Teela's boots to give her some added variation.

She came with a Stand for the Power Orb that came with King Grayskull

Click on the pciture below to read the entire Temple of Darkness minicomic on

Time for some Comparison Pics!


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