Sunday, October 21, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 13 - EXPLODING FAIRY ISZ!

Those Insanely Odd Isz's from Sam Kieth's The Maxx by Shocker Toys

Everything about The Maxx was odd.  That's what was so wonderful about it.  There were crazy spirit animals, lots of homeless people (some of whom were actually said spirit animals), alternating timelines and settings (with trippy parallels connecting them all), and general creepy nonsense around every corner.  Were the characters insane?  Was the entire story a hallucination?  Who knows.  I actually need to read those issues again.  They are the only Image titles from the nineties that I still have.  The Maxx's biggest pest in the series were the Isz (Isz's?).  They were angry black or white (depending if they were in New York or the Australian Outback) little critters that would swarm Maxx and chomp at him.  However, for the storyline that was ten years in the future, the Isz were fluttering pink fairies with no eyes that would explode if they weren't kept in water (like the opposite of the Mogwai/Gremlin rule).  Creepy and cute is a fantastic mix.

The Pink Fairy Isz, or Exploding Fairy Isz, came packaged as accessories in three different figures in Shocker Toys' Indie Spotlight Series 1 action figures.  The Maxx was the oversized "anchor" of this wave, so all the characters came with an Isz.  Kabuki, Katchoo, and the Maxx himself came with pink Isz's.

Here is an image from a great little website dedicated to the exploding fairies.  Click this pic to open the page in a  new window.

Time For a Group Pic!



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