Monday, October 29, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 15 - MARILYN MUNSTER!

The Grotesque Black Sheep of the Munster Family by Diamond Select Toys 2012

Marilyn is such a classic comic element of The Munsters.  For those who haven't seen the show, Marilyn is the adopted niece of Lily Munster who comes to live with her monsterous family.  She is, in fact, beautiful and charming, but her suitors always run away, leading her to believe she is abnormal and ugly.  The constant gag being that her quirkily eerie family are always the culprits in chasing the young men away.  I wouldn't be suprized if this plot element was inspired by the classic Twilight Zone Eye of the Beholder episode from 1960.  Marilyn is the least vampy lady in my Halloween lineup, but she's new (just released last week!) and The Munsters are undeniably halloweenie.  I'm very impressed with this figure.  I felt that the prototypes made her look so much older than she is meant to be (I thought she actually looked like the lovely Cheryl Hines to be honest).  But in person she has that bubbly 20-something look I was hoping for.

Marilyn come paired with Eddie Munster, a collar for the family pet Spot, Eddies favorite stuffed animal Wolf Wolf, Two wood-plank figure stands, and a book titled "Tomb & Garden."

 Time for some Comparison Shots!


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  1. What is this 8in? I never knew of her...very neat her look embodies 60s TV!