Monday, October 29, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 14 - LILY MUNSTER!

The Matriarch of the Munster Clan from Diamond Select Toys 2011

Diamond Select gets the coolest licenses out there.  Who would have thought that they could procure the rights to a campy 1960's sitcom and produce such popular modern toys.  I'm crossing my fingers that they someday nab the rights to the Addams Family as well.. it seems right up their alley so I'm sure someone on their creative team is pushing for it, too.  Lily Munster was part of the first wave of Munsters action figures released around Halloween last year.  The second wave just hit last week (and I'll be reviewing Marilyn next).  Also in series 1 was Grandpa and Herman.  They came in regular releases (like this figure reviewed here) and also "deluxe" which included pieces to assemble Herman's electric chair.  There was a version of this figure shown at a convention with some slight tweaking to her design, no word on if/when this variant will be released (or if it was just a prototype).

 The sculpt is pretty nice, but I am not the biggest fan of her eye makeup.  I never knew Lily to have such oddly exaggerated features.  He forearm sculpts and cape flaps really limit her range and poseability and something about her torso articulation always forces her to hunch over a little bit.  You can straightened her out easily, but she always resumes her slouch.  Don't get me wrong though, this is a great figure that I never imagined would be produced.  Kudos DST!

Time for some comparison pics!

Here is a sneak peek at the Marilyn figure I will be reviewing later tonight (I skipped yesterday so I'm (hopefully) pulling a double today)


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