Saturday, October 6, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 6 - HEXADECIMAL!

ReBoot's Queen of Chaos, Hexadecimal, From Irwin 1995

Early CGI was kind of awesome.  Probably because it was so different that you would totally pause the channel to watch this groundbreaking artform come to life in jerky movements, heavy gradients, and constant dramatic environment sweeps.  It definitely always grabbed my attention and ReBoot was one of the best examples of it during my high school years.  Sure, I may have been obsessed with Robotech, Studio Ghibli and old Hanna-Barbera adventure cartoons at the time, but those weren't the kind of things that you could openly share with your cool friends at the lunch table.  ReBoot, however, was considered a very acceptable cartoon to watch (as long as you watched Aeon Flux too).  Hexadecimal was the stand-out antagonist of the series.  I remember her being very creepy in all her dramatic witchery.  For those who have never seen her in motion, her face remained locked in a solid "mask"expression, but she would slowly pass her hand in front her face and the creepy expression would change...usually into something creepier.  She was very original and very awesome.

I think the figure is great.  Yes, her frame is a little blocky, but that's the way she looked in the show.  My only complaints are that she is made from a very soft rubbery plastic.  She stands okay on the figure stand she came with, but her legs and ankles are way too weak to support her long-term.  She'll definitely need a doll stand to hold her at the waist.  Also, I'm not a big fan of how far her masks stick out when viewed in profile.  It's not a big gripe, but I wish the masks were thinner or that her face was sculpted to accommodate them better.

She's pretty well articulated as shown below

Her accessories include 4 awesome interchangeable masks, a figure stand and a "delete disk" (which I don't understand)

Here she is modelling her four awesome moods

Hexadecimal came in two additional styles.  The first is very similar to mine, but with a slight redeco..most noticeable is that her cape is red instead of maroon.  The second is a rare all-black version which is apparently how she appeared in the final season of ReBoot. 

Time for a comparison pic!


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