Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Women of Halloween Part 7 - MYSTERIA!

Filmation's Ghostbusters' Vampy Siren from Schaper 1986

Would you believe this is the only toy I own with rooted hair?  I loathe rooted hair more than sun-faded plastic and missing accessories!  Do I reject all toy lines with rooted hair? Absolutely not.  She-ra and Golden Girl paved the way for girl adventure toys.  Not to mention the amazing three ladies in this very Ghostbusters line.  What I hate about rooted hair is its sloppy, frazzled appearance, its penchant for collecting dust, and its allusion that all female figures must make some concession to doll-status (only allowing them one foot in the door of the action figure arena).  Maybe some people would only buy a toy if you could dress it up and make it pretty, but I know they completely missed their mark with me because I was cursing up a storm as I brushed her hair in preparation for these photos.  Actually, I may just customize her with some sculpted hair ..hmmm.  Anyway, back to the lady of the hour, the lovely Mortici.. Mysteria!  I never caught wind of the Addams family inspiration until years after I was watching Ghostbusters after school.  To my naive eyes, she was completely original.  She was the most vain, wicked, silly, sophisticate in the Hauntquarters.  So clearly I was enamoured.

I love her cartoony ghoulishness.

Her articulation is pretty limited.  Swivel waist, shoulders, and head.  Her head is made of soft rubber as is usual for rooted-hair figures.

Time for a group shot for size comparison!


  1. I loved this character so much. She was just a really great villain. Great review and I love your photos of her. The only reason mine had nice hair was because I had opened a mint one recently. In time her hair will more than likely be crappy. I am like you, I am not a big fan of rooted hair. Dolls is one thing, but figures should stay away from rooted hair.

    If you ever add a hair sculpt for her, let me know! I'd love to see the finished product!

    1. I definitely will let you know if I customize her. I have a few rooted figures I would love to do that for. One of my biggest temptations has been to resculpt the hair on the 20xx She-Ra exclusive figure - which would be kind of cool because there are prototype pics of her with sculpted hair before they decided to give her real hair (aka *ruined* her!) haha.