Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eaglemoss Chess BLACK BAT Revealed!

DC Chess Collection #28 White Pawn - From Eaglemoss Publications

Geez I take my eyes off the internet for one split second and I miss the reveal I've been waiting almost a year for.  Thankfully a thoughtful fan (Thanks Tommy D!) clued me in, because I would have surely been unaware until after my forthcoming turkey haze lifted.  Cassandra Cain has been such a great addition to the Batman family.  I reviewed all her various toys in a Character Spotlight from this past July where you can read a few quick tidbits about her history.  This incarnation of Cassandra, as Black Bat, is relatively new and definitely has some awesome potential.  It's such a coincidence that I first saw this solicit image today, because just a few hours ago I happened to order the Black Bat Heroclix piece - which will be the first version of this character in plastic released.  Heroclix fogires leave a lto to be desired however, so I'm deifnitely looking forward to picking up this gem.  On to the full-sized images!!

Here is some teaser art that's been floating around the internet for months.  I'm always skeptical that these are real preliminary designs when I see them, but I guess I'm wrong this time.

Time for some photoshopped group shots!
Look at all our Bat-Ladies together... *sigh*

And lets throw in the the baddies for good measure

God I love Eaglemoss!


  1. She looks awesome. Now just waiting on the final 3 pieces to be revealed including The Question!

    1. I especially love that she looks to be an age-appropriate height. I want Poison Ivy to tower over her!

  2. They might actually do that, all the characters have been pretty proportionate. The damian is MUCH smaller than the dick.

  3. The QUESTION was revealed! They also are starting a JUSTICE LEAGUE set, wonderwoman, Cheetah, Supergirl, Powergirl, etc. etc.


    1. I love Renee. So glad they decided to include her! I didn't know about the Justice League set, thanks for the heads-up!